How to Improve Your Batting Average

Many batters lose the battle between them and the pitcher before they step into the batter’s box.


First off, their mental state isn’t in the right place. Most hitters don’t go in that box with a solid plan. Second, hitters are not aware of such plans. No one ever taught them the right way. Dad’s are often unaware and most coaches don’t really know what they’re doing from the start.

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The question becomes… what does it mean to have a “plan?”

Strategy For Improving Batting Average

Having a plan, or otherwise known as a strategic approach, will help you improve your batting average in many different ways. When you have a plan, you are looking for the perfect pitch until you are down to 2 strikes. Mind Fuse Baseball has some of the best coaching tips to improve your game. Visit their site to learn even more than this article because it can greatly increase the chance of improving your batting average.

Always battle when you have two strikes and the plan becomes… BATTLE. FIGHT. WIN.

However, before there are two strikes, what pitch are you looking for? Where do you want it?

Do you often find yourself swinging for a ball when it wasn’t your “dream pitch.” Then, you ask yourself… what the heck did I just do that for?

You aren’t alone, that is for dang sure! I’ve been there before, and so have many other great baseball players all around the world.

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If you ask the best players in the world, they will all tell you as soon as they developed a strategic plan at the plate, their whole hitting world changed drastically. As big of a change as Barry Bonds before and after his record Home Run season.

How do you develop such plans?

The first step in the process is to practice hitting all different kinds of pitches in certain areas around your hitting zone. Then, when you gather enough data, you will quickly find out where you like your fastballs, where you like your curveballs and off-speed pitches.

You might find out that you like the outside corner fastball belt-high. Or, you may be a true power hitter and discover that you like fastballs inside corner and chest high.

Whatever it is that you like most, that’s the pitch that you want to wait for EVERY SINGLE TIME…. UNTIL there are 2 strikes. Two strikes changes everything. It’s now time to battle. But, before two strikes, you sit there and wait for your perfect pitch.

Home Run Mentality?

Should I be thinking Home Run for my perfect pitch?

No, not necessarily. Remember, the goal is to get on base. Home runs are great, and many power hitters use this strategy and its all or nothing until 2 strikes. However, the best hitters in the game know where their hitting zone is. Hits like line drives and gap shots.

Sure, if you have the opportunity to take one deep, by all means go for it. Just don’t miss! Swing hard, give it everything you got when you get your perfect pitch.

Make that pitcher pay for a poor mistake and most importantly, help out your team. Baseball is a game of consistent effort, fundamentals, and ultimately hitting and getting on base. If you can become an elite hitter, you will gain exposure. You will also help your team WIN games, and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

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